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Point 1

Furniture, Appliance, Amenity, Utility, Utensil - Everything you need is already here

Start your new living with bringing only your suitcase

DIVIO is fully equipped with all necessary living goods from furniture such as cabinet, to home appliances such as refrigerator & washing machine. We provide high-speed internet, encrypted wireless LAN, CATV, kitchenwares and also consumable items such as amenities. Without worrying about moving things from your home country all the way here in Japan, just start your new life with a suitcase.

Point 2

The best location in Osaka for your business and living

5 minutes walk to Osaka (Umeda) Station. All facilities that make your life convenience are just outside your door step

Area around Osaka station is the urban central where all well-known large companies are concentrated. The Osaka(Umeda) station is only 5 minutes walk distance from DIVIO where connects you to other major cities fast (30 minutes to Kyoto & 25 minutes to Kobe). The facilities that make your living easy & convenience are just a step outside the door. Click below to witness it.

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Convenient Location for both business and daily living


Wonderful old town is still left standing right next to Umeda. Osaka city Kita ward Nakazaki town has lots of retro houses with old style shops you can enjoy.


Kitashinchi is representing Osaka's luxury restaurant area, like Ginza in Tokyo. Kitashinchi is located in the south part of Osaka station spreaded widely from east to west.

Osaka Station

Osaka station is the gate of the Osaka north, operated by JR West. It plays an important roll of business by having its thousands of commercial facilities connecting Osaka to other suburban areas.

Nakanoshima Park

Nakanoshima Park is located in between the Dojima River and the Tosabori river. Retro building - Osaka city central Koukaido & Osaka Prefectural nakanoshima Library makes a beautiful scenary harmonised with the green and water.

Department Store (Hankyu, Hanshin, Daimaru)

Next to the Osaka station, there are three gigantic department stores which are Hankyu Umeda Department HQ, Hanshin Umeda Department HQ, Daimaru Umeda. Each departments has their own unique style with variety of brand shops and facilities that you can enjoy.

Grand Front Osaka

Luxury buildings just attached to the north side of Osaka stations Many attractive shops and large company offices are in the landmark building. Absolute place where you can enjoy your time.

Point 3

Simple Contract Process

Move in as simple as hotel check-in

Facing trouble of Japanese contract procedure for long-term stay? We understand that Japanese contract law is complicated which makes foreigners difficult to find the long-term stay residence besides hotel. DIVIO's bilingual and friendly staffs will assist you to settle-in as easy as hotel check in.

Point 4

Housekeeping included in the Rent

Lifestyle with the touch of hotel service

DIVIO supports tenants with providing housekeeping service. Weekly base cleaning service including the linen change provides you a comfortable living environment. Water, Electricity, Internet bills are all included in the rent so that you would not even bother to think about it. (except for Long-term Lease agreement)

Point 5

Best economical value for its

Hotel like residence with the cost less than hotel

Hotel, Normal Rental Apartment, or DIVIO? Which one is the most cost efficient way to stay? The answer can be found in the below chart. Monthly fee for Hotel is the most expensive. Average monthly fee for normal rental apartment is the cheapest, however you need to consider many other factors such as furniture, appliance, deposit, key money, agent fee and the complexity of contract, DIVIO is absolutely the most economical way to stay in Osaka.

Comparison chart for staying at each type of accomodation for 3 months

DIVIO Rental House (Osaka Kita ward) Hotel (Osaka Kita ward)
Assumption Rent Fee JPY330,000/month Rent Fee JPY250,000/month Room Charge JPY20,000/day
Initial Payment Total amount JPY100,000 approx. JPY1,650,000 N/A
Detail Refundable deposit Refundable deposit, Non-refundable deposit, Agent fee, Removal cost, Furniture, Appliance, Homeware, etc -
Running Monthly Fee JPY330,000 approx. JPY293,000 JPY600,000
Detail Rental Fee/month Rental Fee, Maintenance Fee, Utility Cost, Internet, CATV Monthly Fee: Daily Room Charge x days (90days)
Initial Payment +
Running Cost
Stay period 3 months
in total
JPY1,090,000 approx. JPY2,529,000 JPY1,800,000

*DIVIO shows the lowest cost. It would be even lower if the comparison is done below 3 months.

DIVIO Price by room type