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Please read the terms of services.

When you make an inquiry, you will be asked to enter personal information. Under our privacy policy terms of use, you need to agree to the following terms and conditions. Kindly read the terms of use carefully, and please press the “I agree” button at the bottom of this page if you agree.

Regarding the proceed personal data held by administrative organs

  • Maeda Real Estate Co.LTD.

1. Acquisition and Use of Private Information

Customers' private information (hereinafter referred to as 'private information') will only be used for the purpose for which it was obtained. We will not divulge or transfer any private information through public announcements, notifications, or clear statements etc. We shall not use any private information for reasons other than the designated purpose or without prior first-person consent from the customer.

  1. Services for lease and sales/purchase of real estate
  2. Real Estate Management
  3. Planning housing/apartments for expatriates
  4. Support business for expatriates
  5. Supplementary service for the above 1-4 and customer development
  6. Provision of private information at minimum to third parties noted below in order to handle the above-mentioned business or service
  • -Other real estate transaction dealers
  • -Property management companies
  • -Relocation companies
  • -Substitute companies for personnel
  • -Furniture leasing companies
  • -Transportation companies
  • -Banking facilities concerning financing
  • -Judicial scriveners / Real estate surveyors
  • -Lawyers
  • -Property insurance companies
  • -Guarantee trust companies

Only the minimal amount of information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers shall be provided. Provisions shall be made by means of documents, telephone, fax, e-mail etc.

2. Restriction on Provision to Third Parties

Without informed consent directly from the customer, we will not disclose or provide any personal information to third parties, or unless otherwise permitted from the customer, stipulated in the above-mentioned Article 1 or required or permitted by law. Moreover we will immediately terminate disclosing or providing the information when required by the customer.

3. Use of Private(Personal) Information which is open to public

Private Information which we obtain fairly from the open sources as below may be used for the purpose of use mentioned in Article 1

  • -Copy of real estate registration book
  • -Copy of commercial registration book
  • -Recorded map
  • -Corporate and private information obtained thorough credit inquiry and/or credit record
  • -Corporate information magazine and/or yearbook
  • -General Resident Register
  • -Fixed asset assessment certification
  • -Other private information which is open to public or sold commercially

4. Contact

Maeda Real Estate Co.LTD., Inquiry desk
Phone:078-858-0810 (domestic) / +81-78-858-0810 (international)


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